What's the deal with Health Coaches?

What a health coach IS and IS NOT

A health coach IS an educator, a health resource, an accountability partner and a trusted advocate. Think of a health coach as your own personal wellness champion.

A health coach IS NOT a medical doctor, a registered dietitian, a personal trainer, a therapist or a chef.  Now, of course, there are plenty of health coaches that wear multiple hats and have been trained in variety of areas, which only adds to the richness of their services, but for the sake of clarifying expectations, these are entirely separate, equally important roles.

Why work with a health coach?

Most people are out of tune with their bodies. So often we are missing the connection between what we eat, how we move, how much we sleep and how we handle stress with how we FEEL day in and day out.

Instead, we caffeinate, road rage, binge, and self-medicate until we hit our breaking point and end up in the doctor’s office.  We then have 12 minutes to explain 12 months worth of aliments. We give up after minute 9 (because we’re so damn tired) and settle for a prescription. We leave momentarily satisfied because THIS, this new pill, THIS might work! But so often, it doesn’t. Or, worse yet, it can create a whole new set of issues to “manage.”

And the cycle continues…

A colleague once told me, ‘No will ever care about your career as much as you do so you can't sit around waiting for the next opportunity to be handed to you.’  And I firmly believe this is true when it comes to your health. No one will ever care about your health or understand your body, better than you. You possess tremendous power to transform your own wellbeing.  And sometimes, you just need a little support to get started.

As your coach, I’ll work with you to help achieve your health goals.  Want to increase your energy? Shrink your waistline? Reduce stress?  Let's do it!  Through my coaching program, you’ll discover the food and lifestyle choices that fuel your life and support your full potential, one simple, savvy tip at a time.  And the best part, there's no one way of eating. It's unique for every individual. Together, we'll uncover what works best for you!

Let's stop counting calories and start counting nutrients.  

READY TO GET STARTED?  I thought so.

If you’re feeling motivated and inspired to make a change, here’s one step you can take right now to get started! Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page with your name and email.  In the comments section, please briefly describe your health challenges and I will respond to you within 48 hours to set-up a *FREE* 20-minute consultation.

Another new year is upon us!  Let’s ditch the processed food, the excuses and the bloat.